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teaching english as a foreign language
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Teaching Tips

Dino the Dolphin

Welcome to Teaching Tips.
We've got a selection of pages here to help you get the most out of your teaching experience. You can find previous months' articles on the right.


What is a project? How can children benefit from them? And what is the language value? Also included are suggestions for different types of project work.

Choosing a Coursebook

This is a difficult decision for many teachers. Take a look at our coursebook checklist to help you select the resource that's best for you and your students.

For help opening this file click here.

Nick and Vivian's Q and A

Do you have a question for our experienced teacher trainers? Click here to post a question, read replies - or add your thoughts!

Using Storybooks

Children love to hear the language of storybooks. Here are some suggestions for activities before, while, and after you read a story to your students.

From A Pet for Peter, one of the English for Me! Storybooks.

Interested in using a CD-ROM to help your students learn English? Use these helpful tips and suggestions from the Parent's Help section.

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