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french language

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French Contents

French Steps
A self-contained online course for beginners.
Talk French
Short introductory course with TV series and book.
French Experience  French Experience II
Video clips, language notes and activities to accompany these well-established courses.

News and Features

Le Mensuel
A supplement for those who already know some of the language.
The French Connection
Discover the dynamic culture of the
French-speaking world.
Tour de France
Diary of the event and essential phrases.
Euro Guide
How to ask for euros in French.
Languages across Europe: French
Who speaks it, where it can be found.

For the Family

Family French
Play this learning game with your children.


Quick Fix
Essential phrasebook for your holiday. Print and go!
Le Français Cool
A guide to French slang.

For Work

French for Work
Getting there, being there, doing it.

For Schools

GCSE Bitesize French
Revise the GCSE French syllabus and test yourself.
Primary French
For children, parents and the primary classroom.


France Inside Out  French Journey
Take a guided tour around France.
Holiday 2004
A break in Paris or grape-picking.

Games and Quizzes

Property game
Match the photos and descriptions.
Vive la Révolution
Test your knowledge of the French revolution.

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