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European Languages

Languages across Europe
Who speaks them, where they can be found and how they are related.

UK Languages

Beag air Bheag
Learn Welsh
Learn the Welsh language
Story of Welsh
History of the Welsh language
Giota Beag!
Learning English
With music, through sports and much more.
British Sign Language, BSL
A comprehensive guide.


Holiday 2004
Take a tour in Turkey or make Denmark your destination.


World Service
News in 43 languages.

Holiday Phrases

Quick Fix in 30 Languages
Essential phrasebook to print and go.


Talk Portuguese
Short introductory course with TV series and book.
Brazil Inside Out
Take a guided tour through Brazil.
Quick Fix
Essential phrasebook for your holiday.
BBC Brasil
International news in Portuguese.


Real Chinese
Short introductory course with TV series
BBC Chinese
International news in Chinese.


A fan in Japan
Learning game.
Working with the Japanese
Personal experiences and expert tips.

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