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Talk greek

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The Acropolis
Talk Greek

A brand new TV series and website for absolute beginners, offering a gentle introduction to the language and culture of contemporary Greece and Cyprus.

  • Talk Greek
  • A gentle introduction to basic Greek in 10 short parts. Click on the topics in order: you'll see a slideshow and hear the language.

    Then, look up the useful phrases with tips on pronunciation and grammar, and cultural notes. Then you'll be able to check what you've learnt with a series of short challenges.

    You can also watch the video clips of all the teaching scenes from the TV series with their transcripts.

    Also try the rest of the Talk package:

    A new TV series, repeated regularly on BBC Learning Zone, BBC Two.

    A BBC book and two audio cassettes available from the BBC Shop.

    If you're a tutor, do have a look at the tutor's notes with additional classroom activities.

    Saying your name
    Saying where you're from
    Meeting and greeting people
    Family and friends
    Buying drinks
    Asking for directions
    Going shopping
    Booking a hotel
    Taking a boat trip
    Ordering a meal

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