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vietnamese language

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Ngay th sau

Day 6

Mot ngay i ch tri, an sang vi ban va i mua nhac Viet Nam va o ky niem lam Viet Nam.

A day at the open market, eat breakfast with friend and shopping for Vietnamese made product.

an sang

eat breakfast




Vietnamese beef noodle soup

hu tieu

shrimp, pork, quail egg, dry squid and fresh squid with wheat noodles soup

banh m

french bread:   (bata - bigger size) and (baguette - smaller size)

ca phe sa nong

hot, strong, and dark coffee with sweet condensed milk




to call, to order


dish (from the menu)


to try/to sample the foods

an th

to eat and make a judgement on the taste

banh cuon

steamed Vietnamese rice flour dumpling filled with meat and mushrooms

cha lua

steamed fine ground pork roll (can be with cinnamon flavor or garlic and onion flavor)

Chung ta an sang au?

Where do we go for breakfast?

i an hieu gan ch.

We'll go to a shop near the market.

Toi thch an ph bo.

I'd like to eat "ph bo" (beef soup).

Toi thch an banh m Phap va ca phe sa nong.

I'd like to eat French bread and coffee with sweet condensed milk.

Anh an th banh cuon cha lua i. Ngon lam.

You should try Vietnamese crepe with pork rolls.  It's delicious.

Toi se an th mon o.

I'll try that dish.

An roi chung ta i au?

After the breakfast, where shall we go?




cotton/clothing material

quan ao

clothing   (pant dress)


hat made of palm leaf



o theu/hang theu

embroidery material

o s

ceramics object

non la

conical hat made of palm leaves


to make/made

o may san

ready made to wear

c so

size (clothing)

o ky niem lam bang hai san

souvenirs made of sea shells

noi hoa

local made

nhap cang

imported material/things



mau g?

what color

mau nay

this color

Anh muon mua g?

What would you like to buy?

Toi muon mua o theu va lua lam Viet Nam.

I would like to buy embroidery made of silk and local silk.

Chung ta i en hang o theu trc.

We should go to the embroidery stall first.

Ong muon mua o theu may san hay hang theu?

Do you like to buy embroided ready made to wear or embroided material ?

Ca hai th.


o may san c so nao?

What is the size for ready clothing?

C ln. Ngi My c ln lam.

Large size.   American has large size.

Hang theu th may thc?

For embroided material how many meters?

Ong muon mua mau g?

What color?

Ong muon mua vai hay t lua?

Cotton or silk?

Toi mua t lua thoi.

Silk only.

Bon thc/met.

Four meters.

Chung toi ch i xem thoi.

We only like to look around.

Giai Tr


Chieu nay

this afternoon

toi nay



to plan

lam g?

do what?

Chieu nay anh co muon i au khong?

Do you like to go anywhere this afternoon?

i xem/ i coi

to see, to watch

Hat Boi

Vietnamese traditional drama

Mua roi nc

water puppet show

i nghe nhac

do and listen to music in the coffee shop

i phong tra

go the disco/night club

i khieu vu

go dancing



bang nhac

music tape

hn het


Toi muon mua mot t nhac Viet Nam.

I'd like to buy Vietnamese music.

Chung ta nen i hieu nao?

Which store should we go to?

Co nhieu hieu ban nhac.

There are many music stores.

Nhng hieu T Lc la re va co nhieu nhac hn het.

But T Lc is less expensive and they have most of the music.

Anh i vi toi lai o i.

Let's go there.

Toi muon mua may da nhac nay.

I'd like to buy these CDs.

Gia bao nhieu?

How much?

Con bang nhac th sao?

And how about music tapes?

Toi mua 5 da nhac va 6 bang nhac.

I will buy 5 CDs and 6 tapes.

Xin tnh tien.

Please give me the bill.

Ba nhan tien My Kim khong?

Do you accept US dollars?

Ba bt cho toi ___(the amount you want)___ my Kim, c khong?

Can you give discount on my purchase?

Toi nay chung ta lam g?

What shall we do tonight?

Anh muon i xem Hat Boi Khong?

Do you want to see a Vietnamese traditional drama?

Anh muon i phong tra nghe nhac khong?

Would you like to go a disco and listen to the music?

Anh muon i xem Mua roi nc khong?

Would you like to see a "Water puppet show"?

Anh muon i khieu vu khong?

Would you like to go dancing?

Cai o tuy anh.

That's up to you.

Sa soan ri / ra khoi Viet Nam.

Preparing to leave to return to your home country

may bay



flight number





i t...... ti




ung gi

on time

tre gi

late (time)

co mat

be present



thay oi


co g

is there?

bao cho toi

inform me

ien thoai


bao lau?

how long?

May bay hang _____ so______ ngay____ thang ___, co g thay oi khong?

Is there any change on ____ airline, flight number _____ day ___ month ____?

Chuyen o co ung gi khong?

Is that flight on time?

Chuyen o tre bao lau?

How late is that flight?

Toi i chuyen bay thang.

My flight is a direct flight.

Toi khong muon ghe au ca.

I don't like to stop over any place.

Co g thay oi, xin bao cho toi.

Please inform me if there is any change.

ien thoai toi la _________ khach san  _______.

My phone number is_______ at the hotel _____.

May gi toi phai co mat o?

What time do I have to be there?

gi cho

reserve a place/make a reservation

chuyen i

the trip


to pick up (a passenger)/to welcome the arrival of a person

trc mat

in front of


to wait

phong du khach i nc ngoai

International departure room

Toi muon gi cho tren xe buyt ra phi trng luc __(time you want to leave)__ gi.

I would like to reserve a seat on the airport bus at____.

Xin on toi trc mat khach san __(name of the hotel or place you want them to pick you up)__.

Please pick me up in front of Hotel _____.

May gi xe buyt ra phi trng/san bay se en khach san _____.

What time the bus will be at Hotel _____.

Toi muon i chuyen sm.

I'd like to go on the early bus.

Toi se i o.

I'll wait there.

Xe ong ung gi khong.

Is your bus on time?

Toi khong muon tre chuyen may bay toi.

I don't like to miss my flight.

tnh tien phong

to calculate the bill for the room


to include

tien thue

tax money



Co ung khong?

Is this correct?

sa lai/cha lai

to correct, to make it right

xem lai

to check over, to look again



gi cho

to reserve a seat

xe buyt ti phi trng

airport bus

mot vong i

one way

ch co


o ky niem

souvenir items

n trang



to declare

Khong co g khai ca.

Nothing to declare.


to hope

gap lai

to see ...again

Toi mong gap lai cac ban Viet Nam.

I hope to see you (friends) again.

Toi se tr lai mot ngay gan ay.

I'll return in the near future.

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