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YUPIK language

Waqaa. Hello, what's the matter?, what are you doing here?, what can I do for you? (exclamation)

buttonAssirtua. To be good, nice, well.

buttonCangacit? How are you?

buttonCamiungusit? Where are you from?

buttonCama-i. Hello, greetings (exclamation); usually accompanied by handshaking and used after not seeing someone for a long time, or when first meeting someone.

buttonCaciitua. I have no idea what I am doing. (This word is one of my favorites. It sounds like the name "Judge Ito" from the O.J. Simpson trials. - Look carefully at what it means!)

Kenkamken. I love you.

Qaa. Really?, is that so? (exclamation); also used as an enclitic when asking a yes-or-no question.

Qayaq. Kayak.

Qanikcaq. Snow on the ground.

Umyuartuluni. Full-minded; intelligent; smart; full of knowledge.

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