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Maori music list
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Songs Most Recorded - Our Culture - Copyright - abc Notation
COLOUR CODE: Most popular Frequently heard Sung sometimes Recently written
 Song Tune Era portrayed Theme Where heard Website
Across The Line - 1830s sailor's memories Radio NZ NZFolk
Akoako o te Rangi midi 1975 Whisper of Heaven Kiri: Maori CD NZFolk
All Black Haka mp3 1810 unity is strength heard world wide NZFolk
Aotearoa    E Ihowa Atua mp3 1975 Nat. Anthem, in Maori known world wide NZFolk
Apple Pickers' Ball - 1950s end-of -harvest Henderson BillKath
Auckland to the Bluff midi 1890s sea shanty popular in France NZFolk
Auntie Alice Brought... - 1960s goodtime band middle aged NZFolk
Ballad of Captain Cook mp3 1770s exploring NZ coast older Kiwis NZFolk
Barb Wire Annie - 1910s rural mail lady singer-songwriter NZFolk
Battle of the Waikato mp3 1860s jeering at Brit army most NZers NZFolk
Big Bad Don mp3 1960s All Black Don Clark rugby fans NZFolk
Billy the Bus midi 1990s Stewart Is. identities the bus driver NZFolk
Black Matai    Culler's Lament midi 1950s deer-culling folk/nat. radio NZFolk
Black Swans midi 1870s gum-digging older folkies NZFolk
Blood Red Roses midi 1830s whaling folk /nat. radio NZFolk
Blue Smoke midi 1940s troopship dreams on world charts NZFolk
Boers have got my Daddy Real 1900 Boer war historical NZHist
Bright Fine Gold midi 1860s miner's wife on 13 albums NZFolk
By The Dry Cardrona - 1860s alcoholic's dream folk/nat. radio NZFolk
C'mon Kiwi midi 1980s social injustice Otago KiwiFolk
Charlie's Bash - 1950s sly-grogging older folkies NZFolk
Chesdale Cheese ! - 1960s tv jingle all NZers NZFolk
Chocolate - 1980s the best way up folkies NZFolk
Christmas songs - our down-under festival NZFolk
Come All You Tonguers - 1830s whalers cry folk /nat. radio DigiTrad
Crossing the Kaipara Bar - - 'the graveyard' Northland BillKath
Davy Lowston mp3 1810 stranded sealers on 8 albums NZFolk
Day the Pub Burned Down midi 1920s Save the beer! folk /nat. radio NZFolk
Don't Be Afraid of the Sky midi 1980s confronting dogma singer-songwriter NZFolk
Don't Dream It's Over mp3 1980s hope in alienated world world pop hit NZFolk
Down the Hall on a Sat... - 1940s rural dance hall middle aged NZFolk
Down Trou - 1960s student parody older folkies NZFolk
Dulcie and the Moa midi 1920s children's fable families NZFolk
E Ipo mp3 1980s Tui Teka love-song 20 cover versions NZFolk
E Papa Waiari midi - stick game maori concerts NZFolk
E Pari Rä midi 1918 lament maori concerts NZFolk
E Rere Taku Poi - - poi song most NZers Kapahaka
Eel Song - 1950s wading waistdeep! folkclubs NZFolk
Farewell to the Gold midi 1860s miner's angst on 25+ albums NZFolk
Farewell to the Gumfields - 1890s bleak house Northland BillKath
Ferdinand - 1960s provincial rugby Taranaki NZFolk
Fields Of The Gum - 1890s old mates Northland BillKath
Ghost Gulls Of Picton - 1980s around the ferry folk /nat. radio Dexter
Gin & Raspberry - 1860s gold-mining on 9 albums NZFolk
God Defend New Zealand au - national anthem - NZFolk
Gumboot Song midi 1960s a Kiwi icon most NZers NZFolk
Gunners Battle 'Hymn' - 1970s drinking song NZ army RNZA
Gutboard Blues midi 1960s freezing-worker folk /nat. radio NZFolk
Hakaru Races - 1900s painted pony scam schools BillKath
Hamilton - 1970s provincial blues folk /nat. radio NZFolk
Healing Sound of Water - 1990s expat's dreams singer-songwriter NZFolk
Hills of Coromandel - 1960s nature's return folk /nat. radio NZFolk
Hoea Rä Te Waka Nei midi 1917 WW1 Canoe Poi tourists NZFolk
Hine E Hine midi 1907 Goodnight Kiwi on 40 CDs NZFolk
Hoki Hoki Tonu Mai .au - 'Come safely home' most NZers Kapahaka
Hole in the Hedge - 1970s suburban games singer-songwriter NZFolk
Hungover Liver midi 1970s drinker's parody folk clubs NZFolk
I Got You - 1980s Split Enz rock song older NZers NZFolk
I Only Spoke Portuguese - 1830s whaler's romance new CD, schools BillKath
I've Been Everywhere - 1991 all those towns! most NZers NZFolk
In My Little Whare mp3 - whitebaiting folk /nat. radio NZFolk
In The Tararua Ranges midi 1940s trampers mountain huts NZFolk
Just One Little Number midi 1980s travelling muso folk/nat. radio NZFolk
Ka Mate mp3 1810 All Black haka heard world wide NZFolk
Kauwara Gold mp3 1860s chasing a dream Otago Phil G
Kiwi Express - 1950s Ch'ch to Dunedin recitation NZFolk
Ko Nga Waka - 1970s regimental haka NZ army RNZA
Ko'rareka - 1830s Whaler's R&R new CD, concerts BillKath
Kowhai & the Tui midi 1950s NZ's national flower old school song NZFolk
Lady loader-Driver - 1970s topdressing romance singer-songwriter NZFolk
Look What You've Done - 1950s lonely lonely blues parties NZFolk
Mahurangi Regatta - 18__? Old boaties Northland BillKath
McKenzie  (Tait) midi 1860s the sheep-stealer folk /nat. radio NZFolk
Märie Te Pö - 1880s "Silent Night" Maori NZFolk
Me He Manu Rere .au - 'If I had wings..' most NZers Kapahaka
Mihiwaka midi 1860s colonial wife folk /nat. radio NZFolk
Minnie Dean midi 1895 Baby killer Southland NZFolk
Momma Told Sally - 1960s lewd marching song NZ army RNZA
Mum mp3 1980s sons overseas Maori expats NZFolk
My Old Man's an All Black - 1960s racial protest middle aged NZFolk
My Tractor - 1970s Don't make it rain! singer-songwriter NZFolk
Now is the Hour     Po Atarau midi 1920s "The Maori Farewell" sung world-wide NZFolk
NZ Christmas  Nativity midi 1920s crib in back-blocks National radio NZFolk
Okaihau Express - 1930s steam cream train folk/nat. radio NZFolk
On The Ball midi 1880s bonds of rugby team parties NZFolk
One on a Tractor   Dagg - 1960s Xmas carol parody middle aged NZFolk
Opo the Dolphin midi 1956s Oponaki by the sea pop nostalgia NZFolk
Our Homeland Aotearoa midi 1950s Tui in the Kowhai schools NZFolk
Packing My Things - 1860s failed gold miner folk /nat. radio NZFolk
Pillows of the Dead midi 1953 Tangiwai disaster Mangamahu NZFolk
Poi-E mp3 1982 1984 hit song all NZers NZFolk
Pokarekare Ana midi 1912 "Oh, return to me" all NZers NZFolk
Poor Dim Sally - 1980s Sally joins a cult singer-songwriter NZFolk
Postholes - 1984 virtual rail freight folk /nat. radio NZFolk
Pot o' Gold midi 1980s Rainbow Warrior peace movt. KiwiFolk
Pretty Girl  Hogsnort R mp3 1970 skiffle song middle aged NZFolk
Proud to be a Kiwi mp3 1990s standing strong school concerts Phil G
Pukeko in a Ponga Tree - 1980s Christmas hangi NZ children's songs NZFolk
Putting on the Squeeze - 1990s always some rich b... singer-songwriter UJBand
Rainbird In the Tea-tree - - drover's hopes widely sung BillKath
Right Wing Articulate Rebel midi 1990s the ACT party song singer-songwriter NZFolk
River of Life - 1980s independent woman singer-songwriter NZFolk
Rugby, Racing & Beer - 1960s pub culture 60s parties NZFolk
Scrub and Blackberry midi 1981 Farm nostalgia unique melody NZFolk
Sea shanties - - songs of the sea old and new NZFolk
Seal Children - 1980s Greenpeace folkclubs NZFolk
Send the Boats Away - 1980s French nuc. tests folk/nat. radio NZFolk
Shaky Isles - 1980s seismic politics folkclubs NZFolk
She'll Be Right Mate - 1960s real Kiwi joker most NZers NZFolk
Small Town mp3 1990s you pass through me singer-songwriter UJBand
Soon May The Wellerman... midi 1830s Shore whalers' tale USA folkies NZFolk
Spider In The Bath midi 1980s arachnid's phobia folkclubs NZFolk
Stable Lad - 1870s goldfields love on 4 recent CDs NZFolk
State House Song - 1950s working class bliss folk/ NZFolk
Suitedcallousedfragilemystic... - 1970s James K Baxter schoolyard chant NZFolk
Super-Man - 1950s aerial topdressing folk/nat radio NZFolk
Tahora (Don't Worry Mate) - 1990s farm folk festival muddy campers NZFolk
Tarakihi, the Locust mp3 ancient revived by Kiri Te Kanawa CD NZFolk
Taumarunui - 1950s steam train ht/break middle aged NZFolk
Taumata...... - 1960s longest placename NZFolk
Te Harinui midi 1958 NZ Christmas most NZers NZFolk
Ten Guitars mp3 1967 urban Maori singalong most NZers NZFolk
Te Rina mp3 1974 Terina Pomare 15 covers NZFolk
The 'Terri' Song - 1970s territorials NZ army NZFolk
The Day the Pub Burned.. midi 1920s Save the beer! folk /nat. radio NZFolk
The Dunstan mp3 1990s urbanite's dream Graham Wardrop NZFolk
The Orpheus midi 1863 ship wreck France, Auckland NZFolk
The Philomena D. midi 1850s whaling cruise France, Auckland NZFolk
Thompson's Bus - 1940s off to Mangamahu! nat. radio NZFolk
Tihori mai te Rangi mp3 1980 Rain rain go away! ten cover CDs NZFolk
Toia Mai Te Waka mp3 old Haul the canoe! at pöwhiri NZFolk
Tophouse Lament - 1976 old pub closed history archives NZFolk
Tuapeka Gold - 1860s astute miner UN songbook Phil G
Uhi Tai - 1970s regimental haka NZ army NZFolk
Up the Mangapapa mp3 1940s berko shearer Tahora NZFolk
We Don't Know How Lucky - 1960s Fred Dagg irony most NZers NZFolk
West Coast Dream mp3 1990s wild waters Raglan NZMP3
Whakaaria Mai mp3 1980s How Gt Thou Art H Morrison NZFolk
Most Recorded
  1. Now Is The Hour    millions of disks
  2. Blue Smoke        many overseas artists
  3. Farewell to the Gold    on 25+ albums
  4. Bright Fine Gold 13 abums
  5. Gin & Raspberry 9
  6. Davy Lowston 8+
  7. Old McKenzie Trail 8
  8. Talking Dog 7+
  9. Old Billy Kirk 7
  10. She'll Be Right 7
  11. Tauramunui 6
  12. Down the Hall on a Saturday Night 6
  13. Pania of the Reef 6
In real life, (unlike folk-music collections), a song does not exist on its own, with a wee note telling you where other versions can be found.

Rather, it exists in performance, like a currant in a cake, sung in response to other songs, stories and banter. Seàn Corcoran

A Study of Our Culture
The NZFolk collection of NZ folk songs was started in 1998 to assist in two projects:
-First, a ballad-writing instruction course.
-Second, the continuation of a study to see how our pakeha (white NZ) culture is reflected in the way we write, select and modify the songs we sing.

The words of the songs in the initail NZF database were collected from the singing of those in my community when I was young (1943-1958) and later from singing I've heard at folk clubs and festivals (1979-1995).

The songs chosen here were those which;
-have been requested, sung, and/or recorded by many people,
-generally reflect New Zealand events, customs and attitudes,
-and could be sung by an amateur with minimal accompaniment.

( A large number of the songs appeared to be about lonely, socially inept males. Does this reflect the spirit of the songwriters, the singers, or both?)

In 2000, in response to many requests, mostly from Kiwis living overseas, I started adding more old Maori songs, and the odd new one. These have proved to be very popular.


You may use these songs for study purposes but you should obtain the permission of the songwriters or their publishers before making commercial use of the songs.

These files will assist any person in the world to do that. Anyone anywhere singing or recording these songs for commercial purposes can now, via internet search engine, find these songs' true owners, who may then be correctly acknowledged.

Then, hopefully, Bob Dylan's version of 'Farewell to the Gold' by Paul Metzers will not be called Australian Mining Song by Nic Jones!)

abc Notation
This is a new way of writing music, using only ASCII text symbols. It was invented by Chris Walshaw as an easy way of transcribing folk music, and (in 1998) is still being developed.
abc freeware can be downloaded from the abc home page.

abc is a computer-readable musical language that can be easily read by humans.
With a little practice, it is possible to play a tune directly from the abc notation.

Notes are shown thus...F,G,A, B, C D E F G A B c d e f g a b c' d'e'..... Rest z

c sharp, c natural, c flat,

^c     =c     _c 

Piano chord [Acea]

Guitar chord "Am"

Half note c/2 lengthened note c3/2 double note c2 etc

It does a lot more and is great for reproducing the subtlies of whistle/fiddle tunes.

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