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Singlish Lingo, La!!!! so funny, lor, lah, aha ha ha!
more pak pak singlish, hehe ehehhee!!!
Another sian sian , but not sian sian, lah page
more pak pak singlish, hehe ehehhee!!!
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Singlish Words or Phrases!
Singapore's colourful mix of races and languages has resulted in the creation of a local language, a patois of local terms. Even the best educated Singaporeans, of every race, use many of these terms when they want to add extra emphasis or colour to their language!

Accuse me: excuse me

Anything can: anything is possible

Ang moh: Caucasian (literally 'red headed' in Hokkien)

Auntie: a respectful way to address an older lady

Barang Barang: stuff as in bags, clutter etc

Blur: very confused

Bo eng lah!: can't commit, not available, no time to do something

Can ah: can you or can't you?

Can leh: yes, of course

Can lor: yes, I think so

Can hah?: are you sure?

Can hor: you are sure then

Can meh: are you certain?

Die die: no matter what happens

Don't play play: don't fool around

Goondu: stupid or acting stupid

Habis: finished or all used

How can: how is that possible?

Kaypoh: nosey

Kiasu: very afraid to lose out to others

Kopi: coffee

Kopi tiam: coffee shop

Lah: no translation, Lah is added for emphasis

Lose face: become very embarrassed, lose dignity

Makan: food or as a verb to 'go makan' to go to eat

No nid: no need

No stock orready: not in stock as in habis

Orready already

Orso can: no problem

Out station: overseas or away from home

Over orready: none left or the event is finished

Rojak: an Indonesian Malaysian dish but used as a common word for mixture

Singlish: Singaporean English slang

So how?: and the answer is?, what is next

Teh tarik: tea

Tumpang: ask for a favour

Ulu: distant or far away (English equivalent to in the boonies)

Uncle: a respectful way to address an older man

Wah: wow, another emphasis term or word

Wah so cheap lah: wow, that's really cheap

Why Like That: why things happen this way

You know I know can already: usually meant to be a secret between 2 person

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