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Lesson 1:

   Let's start with some pronouns:
                                    Bengali         English        Remark
                                    Ami              I          'A' pronounced as 'U' in umbrella
                                    Tumi           You           singular
                                    Tui            You           ''
                                    Ap-ni          You           "
                                    se             He          'se' as se in section.
                                    Am-rA          We
                                    Tom-rA         You          plural
                                    To-rA          You           "
                                    Ap-nA-rA       You           "
                                    Ta-hA-rA       They
                                    Am-Ar          My
                                    Am-A-Der       Us
                                    Tom-Ar         Your
                                    Tom-A-Der      Your
                                    TAr            Him/her
                                    TA-Der         Their
                                    General Remark: Everywhere 'A' should be pronounced as 'U' in Umbrella.
                                    'T' should be pronounced as T in NATAsha (try to pronounce it like a 
                                    Russian !:)) and 'o' as 'o' in oral, 'D' is more similar to 'th' in the.
                                    Well.... Now What ??
                                    Ki         What
                                    Ke         Who
                                    Kya-mon    How       'ya' as  'a' in fast.
                                    Kya-no     why
                                    Ko-tha-i   Where
                                    kO-khon    When      'O' as 'O' in Olive or Oil.
                                    Now learn some noun and verb to practice some exercise.
                                    nA-m      Name
                                    bA-ri      Home/House      
                                    1.  What is your name ?
                                    Tom-Ar nA-m ki?
                                    2. My name is Arghya.
                                    Am-Ar nA-m Arghya.
                                    3. What is his name ?
                                    TAr nA-m ki ?  (You can replace TAr by or... remember o as in oral)
                                    4. His name is Kunal.
                                    or nA-m Kunal.
                                    5. Thank you.
                                    Dhon-no-bAD! (note that You is silent)
                                    This is all about your first lesson. These are the basic stuffs. So 
                                    try to remember these words. Our next lesson will be on verb. 

Lesson 2 :

   On Verb :
                                    I think it is better to give some example first and then we discuss the
                                    technical points.
                                    1. How are you?
                                    Tu-mi Kya-mon A-cho?
                                    2. I'm fine.
                                    A-mi bhA-lo A-chi.
                                    3. Where are you going ?
                                    Tu-mi Ko-tha-i jA-cch-o ?
                                    4. I'm going to the home.
                                    A-mi bA-ri jA-cchi.
                                    5. You are going home.
                                    Tu-mi bAri jA-cch-o.
                                    6. He is going home.
                                    se bA-ri jA-cch-E. (E in jA-cch-E as E in Entire)
                                    7. We are going home.
                                    Am-rA bA-ri jA-cchi.
                                    8. You guys are going home.
                                    Tom-rA bA-ri jA-cch-o.
                                    9. They are going home.
                                    TA-rA bA-ri jA-cch-E.
                                    So you get any analogy??
                                    Observe that for 1st person it is jA-cch-i
                                    for 2nd person it is jA-cch-o
                                    for 3rd person it is jA-cch-E
                                    More Examples:
                                    10. I'll go home.
                                    A-mi bA-ri jA-bo.
                                    11. We 'll go home.
                                    Am-rA bA-ri jA-bo. 
                                    12. You'll go home.
                                    Tu-mi bA-ri jA-bE.
                                    Tui  bA-ri jA-bi.
                                    Ap-ni bA-ri jA-bEn.
                                    13. Will you go home ?
                                    Tu-mi ki bA-ri jA-bE ?
                                    Tui ki bA-ri jA-bi ?
                                    Ap-ni ki bA-ri jA-bEn ?
                                    14. He'll go home.
                                    se bA-ri jA-bE.
                                    15. They will go home.
                                    TA-rA bA-ri jA-bE.
                                    16. I will not go to home.
                                    A-mi bA-ri jA-bo nA.
                                    Translate into Bengali:
                                    1. They will go to school.
                                    2. Are you going to school?
                                    3. when will you go to school?
                                    4. Where is your school?
                                    5. I will not go to school. 
                                    6. They are going to school.
                                    7. He is not going to school.
                                    8. You will go to school.
                                    9 Will you go to school?
                                    17. I went there.
                                    A-mi sE-khAn-E (there) gi-ye-chi-lum (went). ('gi' as ge in geek)
                                    18. We went there.
                                    Am-rA sE-khAn-E gi-ye-chilum.
                                    19. You went there.
                                    Tu-mi sE-khAn-E gi-ye-chi-lE.
                                    Tui sE-khAn-E gi-ye-chi-lish.
                                    Ap-ni sE-khAn-E gi-ye-chi-len.
                                    20. He went there.
                                    se sE-khAn-E gi-ye-chi-lo.
                                    21. They went there.
                                    TA-rA sE-khAn-E gi-ye-chi-lo.

Lesson 3

                                    Noun :
                                    Bo-i : book
                                    KhA-TA : exercise book.
                                    Gh-Or :  room ('O' as in Onion)
                                    Cho-bi : picture
                                    Kichu Ph-Ol: Some fruits
                                    KO-lA: banana.
                                    KOm-la- lebu : orange
                                    Apel: Apple
                                    ShO-sha : cucumber
                                    Khe-jur : date
                                    Kiss-miss : raisin
                                    A-n-goor: grape (A-n-goor Ph-Ol tOk : grapes are sour)
                                    BA-dAm : nuts
                                    Le-bu: lemon 
                                    Tore- muj: water melon
                                    Alu: potato
                                    BhAT : rice.
                                    MAch : fish
                                    MAng-so: meat
                                    Jho-l: curry
                                    Dal : pulse
                                    Ru-ti: bread
                                    1. I'll eat rice and fish curry.
                                    Ami MA-ch-er jho-l Ar(and) BhAt Kha-bo.
                                    GO-rom : Hot
                                    Than-da : Cold
                                    Bris-ti: rain
                                    BO-rof : snow
                                    BO-son-to: spring
                                    Shee-T: winter
                                    pA-khi: bird
                                    RAs-TA: street
                                    JA-mA : shirt
                                    Pya-nt: pant
                                    Ju-To : shoe
                                    Mo-jA : socks
                                    HA-th: hand
                                    PA : leg
                                    Mu-kh : mouth
                                    KAn: ear
                                    NAk : nose
                                    Cho-kh: eye
                                    Buk : chest
                                    Pet : belly
                                    Chul: hair
                                    ChAt-tro : student
                                    Shik-khok : teacher
                                    DOr-jA: door
                                    JA-nA-lA : window
                                    Jh-Or: storm
                                    oshu-dh: medicine
                                    KA-goj: paper
                                    KO-lom: pen
                                    De-bo-TA : God (Deb)
                                    De-bi: goddess

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