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Austronesian language Comparison
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Comparison of Austronesian Languages

Below is a table showing the numbers 1 to 10 in a selection of Austronesian languages. These have been collected from various online dictionaries and web pages and we are reasonably happy with the veracity of all, bar the entry for Nauru. If you can provide anymore for languages that are not present please e-mail them to us.

Language one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
Samoan tasi lua tolu fa lima ono fitu valu iva sefulu
Rarotongan tai rua toru a rima ono itu varu iva tai'ngauru
Hawaiian kahi lua kolu ha lima ono hiku walu iwa 'umi
Tuvalu tasi iua tolu fa lima ono fitu valu iva sefulu
Rapanui tahi rua toru ha rima ono hita vau iva angahuru
Rotuman ta rua folu hake lima ono hifu valu siva saghula
Maori tahi rua toru wha rima ono whitu waru iwa tekau
Tongan taha ua tolu fa nima ono fitu valu hiva hongofulu
Fijian dua rua tolu va lima ono vitu walu civa sagavalu

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