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1.1-Let's start with the personal pronouns in Dzongkha
      Personal Pronouns
       We-Nga ce
       you (plural)-Che Cha Chap
       They -Khong Cha Chap
1.2-lets start with the present tense
      iam going-Nga jo do
      iam doing-nga gi be do
      you are doing-Choe jo de
      They are doing-Khong gi be de
      She is writting-Mo gi dri do
      we are talking-Nga ce lam jo do
      She is washing-Mo chu chu de
Dzongkha language is called SOV or Subject-Object-Verb, not the same as in english, Subject-Verb-Object.
so, instead of saying My name is...... in Dzongkha, you would say My name ...... is, it can be difficult, for those who confuse the word order, or sentence order, but, for those who know similar languages, it will not bring any problem at all




Dzongkha Grammar


1.1-Pronouns in the dative and locative


To me-Nga lu

To you-Choe lu

To him-Kho lu

To her-Mo lu

To you pl-Che cha chap lu

To us-Nga ce lu

To them-Khong cha chap lu




1.2-Pronouns in the Instrumental


By me-Nga gi

By you-Choe gi

By himKho gi-

By her-Mo gi

By you pl-Che gi

By us-Nga ce gi

By them-Khong gi



1.3-Pronouns in the Ablative


From me-Nga le

From you-Choe le

From her-Mo le

From him-Kho le

From you pl-Che cha chap le

From us-Nga ce le

From them-Khong cha chap le



1.4-Pronouns in the Genitive


My, mine-Nge gi

Your, yours-

His-Kho gi

Her-Mo gi

Our-Nga ce ki

Your, yours pl-Che cha chap gi

Their-Khong cha chap gi



1.5-Affirmative and Negative

Yes, to be-in/ing

No, not be-Men

To be in a place-Du

Not be in a place-Min du

To exist-Yoe

Doesn't exist-Me


Doesn't want-Min go



1.6-Present tense


Iam going-nga jo do

You are going-Choe jo de

He is going- kho jo de/do

She is going-mo jo de/do

You are going pl-choe jo do

We are going-Nga ce jo do/de

They are going-Khong jo do/de





1.7-Past tense


I was there-Nga song yi

They were there-Nga ce song gi

He/she was there-kho/mo song yi

You were pl-Che cha chap song yi

They were there-Khong cha chap song yi



1.8-Future tense


I will be going- nga jo ni ing

He will be going-Kho jo ni ing

They will be going- khong jo ni ing

She will be going-mo jo ni ing

We will be going-Nga ce jo ni ing

You will be going-choe jo ni ing

You will be going- choe cha chap jo ni ing


This is all for now, however, i will keep o posting some more grammar, if i can find some recources about the language.


This language shall not die, it makes part of an heritage, to a country, and to its people, do not let it die, if you learn it, you will know hidden treasures, such as , culture, tradition and a  lot more that you can find out.

Lets keep on learning


Happy learning